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In-car video at twilight driving a 400+HP BMW M3 at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill

Just a quick post of some helmet-cam footage taken by my friend with his ContourGPS last week at Infineon Raceway’s kart track on an open test day. We’re both running Stock Moto karts although my kart is lighter. I appear starting about 2:15 in wearing the blue suit with the red neck collar.

Watch [...]

Three weeks until I drive a really fast car in a really long race: The 25 Hours of Thunderhill

Video of disabled car at 24 Hours of Lemons race getting rear-ended by unaware car

First trip to Road America for the June Sprints ends a great week on a low note

The highs and lows of the National racing season. Good results on track, poor results off track.

Zack Steinkamp’s HOWTO/DIY for building a cool suit system for driving a race car. Staying cool improves performance and Zack shows how to do it for $100.

Have a giant file you need to download from a crappy web server? Wget can put together the pieces on your behalf.

A year of hard work pays off: winning the double-points finale clinches the 2010 San Francisco Region SCCA Spec Miata championship!

Ying and yang was the philosophy of the Thunderhill race weekend with two pole positions, a 6th and a 1st.