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Got to love marketing copy like this:
As you may know, we outgrew our name a long time ago. What used to be a site primarily for reconnecting with classmates has quickly grown into the internet’s most popular place to find anyone, anywhere — and it’s about to get even better as it becomes!
Oh [...]

Pretend you have a few thousand lines of Javascript that leverages Ext. It works great in some browsers but in other browsers it just doesn’t work. Nada. It fails silently. And the completely useless choad these vendors pass off as a Javascript debugger gives you zero feedback. Imagine that, despite [...]

Yesterday, a colleague and friend, Steve Walsh, died of a heart attack at his gym. He was 45. I know Steve through the BMW Car Club of America where we both volunteer to instruct high performance driving to anyone who wants to learn to be a better driver. In the last year, [...]

I thought maybe it was just me, but it turns out uninvolved third parties have the same head-scratching case of bewilderment.
2008 called and it wants its common sense back. Pronto.

Jason from 37 Signals says the iPhone ads are “Perfect Advertising“. The ads themselves are quite nice but this phone will not work as well in person as it does in the ads because:

Humans have dirty hands. with the entire thing being a screen that you touch, it is going to be filthy. [...]

In a historic turn of events, Ghidinelli scores his first point in the multi-year battle with the San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic. My parking permit, due to expire today, would have cost $60 to renew for the year except we’re moving out October 31st. Here’s what I received in the mail [...]

I am selling my Klein mountain bike on Craigslist for $500. See the original post here.
Here are three responses I received overnight. Given the frequency, these must work on someone:
Subject: Klein Attitude w/ Rock Shox Duke XC, XTR, Cateye, Bontrager, ~18″ – $500 (Am offering $600) [$100 more than I'm [...]

Everyone has a tale of poor customer service. Usually it’s delivered with a cavalcade of profanity and met with an understanding nod. It is for this reason that I won’t relate my entire story, but I need to tell someone before my head explodes:
Comcast has missed 5 appointments in the past 10 [...]