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Donation drive complete – Transfer is getting a new caching infrastructure thanks to members of the Google group!

How to use my ColdFusion BounceDetector without Coldspring to parse bounced email for temporary, permanent, spam and challenge-response failures.

Support professional ColdFusion open source by posting a full or partial matching donation to Transfer creator Mark Mandel for caching improvements.

Heart rate monitor graph from road racing practice session at Laguna SCCA race. Shows why fitness in motorsport is so important.

Digital media is ephemeral but the discovery of an old consulting project is a quick trip down memory lane

Nearly every great success comes after a great struggle. Don’t stop now.

Once you have static assets deployed to your CDN (using Ant!), how do you manage development, staging and production in your application?

Ant script for deploying static web assets from subversion to Amazon S3 with minification, compression and concatenation for maximum performance.

Adobe ColdFusion 8.0.1 CHF3 is out and may have a big memory leak fix for CFC-intensive applications