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I’ve posted an $800 bounty to the Transfer ORM list to help sponsor immediate improvements in Transfer’s caching architecture. If you are struggling with memory issues like I have or would just like more flexibility and control over Transfer’s cache, consider a full or partial matching donation and we will have the solution before the end of October. This new, pluggable architecture will initially use the well-known eHcache but will pave the way for any caching infrastructure to be used.

Support open source authors and support Transfer creator Mark Mandel.

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  1. Transfer donation drive succeeds! » said:

    on September 29, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    [...] of Transfer ORM came through in a big way this morning on the Transfer Google Group to pony up and match my $800 bounty! In fact, Mark is coming out a few dollars ahead of his original estimate which I think is a [...]

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