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How cold water replaced caffeine in my sleep-deprived, new-parent, busy-morning routine

Download a free database of 600 conjugated Spanish verbs under a Creative Commons license courtesy of Professor Fred Jehle

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March was a busy month – we were upgrading and consolidating infrastructure around here which meant taking a 2U VA Linux 2230 server that had – quite literally – been serving mail for more than a decade, and upgrading it to a more contemporary machine for which spare parts exist. Knock on wood the [...]

Zack Steinkamp’s HOWTO/DIY for building a cool suit system for driving a race car. Staying cool improves performance and Zack shows how to do it for $100.

Reply to emails faster by only quoting the text relevant to your response using a new feature of Thunderbird 3

Ballast plate design and mounting for Mazda Spec Miata (1999-2005) plus downloadable template