Orange is my favorite color

I’m close to achieving premier status on an airline for the first time. I generally fly on the best price but I’ve been consolidating my flights to United and Continental this year. I have one more flight to the East coast but the traditional routings would leave me about 1,500 miles short of reaching the necessary 25,000 miles. Time for some creativity.

Here are some links to building “mileage runs” – intentionally bad airline itineraries designed to rack up additional frequent flyer miles. Also in the list below are some unique or useful itinerary planning tools. I was particularly blown away by ITA’s Matrix which lets you specify how many hops, on what airlines, in what class of travel and with what connections to build a trip. These will come in handy when I get on the Amazing Race. :)

Updated 6/22/12 – United has a mileage calculator between two airports that also shows lots of valid routes which can be used to help book award itineraries.

Also, need to plug Scott helped me rebook an award ticket to save me 40k miles and upgrade to 1st class one direction plus add a free one-way. You can hire him to do the same!

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