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Date and time fields can cause chaos in the database but there are modern ways to model and control temporal data

Download a free database of 600 conjugated Spanish verbs under a Creative Commons license courtesy of Professor Fred Jehle

Store only a subset of files on Amazon S3 using s3cmd and a little date logic. Lets us put the last 5 database backups (or something similar) in a safe place without saving every dump forever and costing us $$$.

New PostgreSQL performance book by Gregory Smith released – covers versions 8.1 to the brand new 9.0.

Postgres 9.0 is here (next week) and the elephant has brought some new toys.

Make sure you get an appropriate alert when a drive goes dead in your HP/Compaq RAID array

Wordpress inches closer to PostgreSQL support with a third-party plugin that maps MySQL calls to Postgres.

A SQL tip for inserting large numbers of database rows at a time. Improve performance by grouping inserts into fewer commits.

Working replication between two Postgres or MySQL database servers in under 5 minutes with few limitations – it’s true!

What I took home from cf.objective() 2009 and the slides from my two presentations on PostgreSQL and migrating to a framework.