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CFPAYMENT announces 0.9 beta release including production-tested, documented gateways for payment processing on Braintree, Skipjack, and iTransact. More gateways coming!

A 2008 retrospective. A good way to feel accomplished and get excited about 2009.

Using the SQL EXISTS feature to more rapidly determine subquery results. Works in most databases like PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle and so forth.

I enjoyed this piece by Jochem on a test conversion of his company’s database from MS SQL to open source Postgres. Performance was similar, disk space was 75% less and licensing costs? Well… those would go to $0.

Here’s how to do serious scaling with PostgreSQL for pennies:

Use pgpool for replication, load-balancing and failover
Run the whole thing on Amazon Web Services like Soocial

Done. There were some examples in AWS’ docs suggesting an “average web database of 100gb” with 100 I/Os per second would cost around $36/month to run. I’m pretty sure [...]

In my previous post, I detailed my desire to convert from char(35) to Postgres’ native uuid datatype for storing ColdFusion UUIDs. I ran into a handful of problems and Andrew shared this tidbit of Postgres SQL that I haven’t used before:
ALTER TABLE uuidtest ALTER COLUMN uidTest TYPE uuid USING uidTest::uuid;
I ran this on my [...]

I’ve been reading through a handful of Jochem’s posts about Adobe’s (incompatible with the standard 35-character) UUID and the rest of the worlds UUID/GUID (36-character). Since PostgreSQL introduced UUIDs in 8.3, I have been thinking about trying to convert my UUID primary keys to the native type in order to gain speed and reduce [...]

A cool development for the Postgres community is the new Turnkey Appliances for PostgreSQL:
We just released TurnKey PostgreSQL, an easy-to-use, lightweight, installable live CD of the PostgreSQL relational database engine that can run on real hardware in addition to most types of virtual machines. It features a Mac OS X-themed Web management interface and a [...]

There are many haters of Hungarian Notation. Prepare to pile on.
I’ve had this post in my drafts queue for a long time but this thread about escaping SQL reserved keywords on the Transfer group prompted me to finish my thoughts:
Most applications have a User table, if those users are organized then there may be [...]

Have you had your application in production for awhile? Maybe you have a little traffic now and you’re starting to see some places where performance could be better? The easiest place to find gains that will benefit your entire application is usually in the database. Because the schema tends to be [...]