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This is how I spent my last weekend:

I returned for a second year to co-drive the #3 Tiger Racing BMW M3 in the world’s longest sports car endurance race. For 25 hours, the goal is to keep circulating to amass the most laps.
In reality, what is a season of racing for the machine also [...]

Reply to emails faster by only quoting the text relevant to your response using a new feature of Thunderbird 3

A short note of love for the antiquated floppy disk

Nearly every great success comes after a great struggle. Don’t stop now.

My recent wedding and photos are highlighted by the popular Southern Weddings blog

This picture from my 8th grade dance turned up on Facebook yesterday via a friend from grade school. I’m the short kid on the left. This is circa 1989 or so. I’m 90% sure that tie I’m wearing is a clip-on. You could barely make me wear pants instead of shorts [...]

As I mentioned in my last post, there has been a fast-moving SQL Injection script targeting many ColdFusion sites around the web lately that relies on SQL queries unprotected by CFQUERYPARAM. The script kids finally got around to probing one of my sites and while my application is protected, the requests are generating lots [...]

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I found out not long ago that my good friend and college housemate Jerry Tam had made the cut and would be appearing on Season 5 of Bravo TV’s Project Runway. I’m currently in Europe right now so I went looking to find some details about the season premiere [...]

So I know he has a speech writer but love him or hate him, you can’t deny this guy is a different kind of candidate. The video is a bit long but hits the nail on the head why Barack Obama should be our next president: he gets the issues. Not the “everyone is [...]

Dean Saxe inspired me to finally publish this post. It’s been sitting in my pending bin for several weeks now. I like his ideas too although I can’t handle the low-flow shower head. Anyways:
People make saving the planet out to be an all or nothing issue. However, there are small, measurable [...]