Orange is my favorite color

My last floppy disks These are my last four floppy disks. On them are two of the very first web projects I did with Rob back in 1996 including a copy of our first logo (in PageMaker no less). I also pulled out two dozen journal entries from when I started college in 1994. I’m sure they will make for some hilarious reading this week.

As I say goodbye to these disks though, I want to note how incredible it is that they worked at all. I plopped down a circa-1998 VA Linux Server onto our spare desk, powered it up and read all four disks without a single issue. How much media do you have today that you could open up in 15 years and still read successfully? I have a hard time reading a CD-R 10 minutes after I burn it!

Mad props to you, oh Floppy Disk, for your years of stable storage!

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  1. Zack Steinkamp said:

    on November 13, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    Maybe CF is next …? (Zing!)

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