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A 2008 retrospective. A good way to feel accomplished and get excited about 2009.

Jennifer and I hit the San Francisco Greek Food Festival this weekend at the Annunciation Church on Valencia near Duboce. I love these arts and crafts fairs for their food and this one didn’t disappoint. The Loukoumades pictured right are like a honey-coated donut hole but much better. I also came across [...]

Albondigas simply means “meatballs” in Spanish. As a meal it’s a pork and beef meatball steamed and then lightly sauteed and served in a carrot or tomato soup depending on season.
After celebrating our friend’s birthday at Dona Tomas in Oakland (who have an absolutely fabulous hand-squeezed Margarita Reina), Jennifer picked up their cookbook which [...]

Jennifer and I ate at Bacar for the first time on Brannan Street in San Francisco’s SOMA district on Friday night. The restaurant is famous for their giant wine list – something like 38 pages of options. It’s only about 3 blocks from my house so we walked. My impression from the [...]

I went to Jennifer’s culinary school yesterday for lunch for the second time. Occasionally they can invite guests in exchange for a bottle of wine. The menu was an asparagus and fava bean salad, Beef Wellington and Crepe Suzette for dessert.
Beef Wellington is one of those things probably most people have [...]

The GuysThe “normal” picture before Bugna tried to grab some assThis weekend was our second Memorial day houseboating trip. 17 of us boarded two Monarch houseboats and a Ski Natique courtesy of Holiday Harbor to set sail on giant Lake Shasta for some cruisin’ and boozin’. 2005 was our first time houseboating [...]

My buddy Steve Tam from high school always raves about his pizza making episodes. I’ll concede that mine was not as roundest pizzas in the world, but we made the dough from scratch and pulled the mozzarella ourselves from curd. This is what I was secretly thinking when Jennifer said she was going [...]