Orange is my favorite color

Greek pastry - Loukoumades (honey puffs)Jennifer and I hit the San Francisco Greek Food Festival this weekend at the Annunciation Church on Valencia near Duboce. I love these arts and crafts fairs for their food and this one didn’t disappoint. The Loukoumades pictured right are like a honey-coated donut hole but much better. I also came across a childhood cookie that my grandmother used to always make called Koulourakia. To continue the analogy train, these are like the Greek version of biscotti but softer. I would imagine they’re great dunked in coffee.

I’m 25% Greek and was exposed to Greek foods growing up including one of my all-time favorites, baklava, and I really like mediterranean foods in general. My time in Santorini and Athens in 2004 was punctuated with some of the best food on my trip and feta cheese that I’m still trying to find an equal for here at home. Check this out next year if you’re around San Francisco in September. Opa!

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