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My recent wedding and photos are highlighted by the popular Southern Weddings blog

Trouble analyzing large (> GB) heap dumps in Eclipse Memory Analysis Tool on Windows? This technique let me analyze a 2.3GB heap dump.

A SQL tip for inserting large numbers of database rows at a time. Improve performance by grouping inserts into fewer commits.

Working with ColdFusion RequestTimeout – how to get the current timeout, modify it and track it to prevent throwing an error in long running requests like CFLOOP.

Speed up your site by using Amazon’s (super-cheap) S3 to store your static assets like images, javascript and CSS. Bonus: an ANT script to do all of the dirty work for you.

Instrumenting and profiling your ColdFusion JVM to identify memory leaks and other performance problems

I’m giving a presentation tonight, Wednesday July 15th at 7:00pm Pacific time on migrating to a framework. There is a web broadcast via Adobe Connect that you can join in.

BounceDetector 1.1 Released. Analyze bounced email and determine severity and cause using extensive signature database.