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Programmatically process bounced email to determine the cause of the bounce and whether or not it’s fatal. Has hundreds of bounce signatures collected over the past four years ready for use.

This slide by Adam Nash of LinkedIn via Christina that describes the skills of a successful Product Manager for a web company. It graphs what I love about my job as an entrepreneur: the opportunity to participate in many disciplines. This week I coded a major new feature, negotiated a travel [...]

The latest version of PowerNap, the ColdFusion-based REST API engine, has been released to RIAForge. 0.9 is now available with lots of new features that I helped develop.

A graphical cheat sheet for developers using Mark Mandel’s Transfer Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) onetomany, manytoone or manytomany relationships.

The overwrite option of the Ant Sync task ensures that both pushing updated builds and rolling back code will be successful.