Orange is my favorite color

Brian Carr posted it to RIAForge: the latest version of his RESTful API engine for ColdFusion is hot off the presses. I’m excited about this release because I contributed a lot of the updates and have been working with Brian over the past couple of months. I’m using PowerNap for a public API and to communicate between server farms behind the scenes. Brian wrote great documentation and a sample application so get your feet wet!

I have a really long draft in Wordpress that I’ve been waiting for the time to turn into a series on REST. With lots of contributions from Kevin Miller (who donated a series of data transformation functions to this release of PowerNap), it should be a helpful nuts and bolts series for anyone who wants to get started with REST services but hasn’t had the chance to look into it.

In the mean time, download 0.9 and join the CF REST Google group.

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