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Fixing a Java/ColdFusion/JVM-based SSL handshake_failure when making an HTTPS request

Request timeouts when initializing your ColdFusion app? This function will stop them.

Jstat not working under Java 1.7 u75 or higher including Java 8? There’s a bug! Here’s how to work around it to get your JVM details.

Learn how to redirect ColdFusion logs to stdout and stderr on Linux or OS X. Especially useful in containerization using Docker to centralize logs.

Brian returns to dev.Objective() in Minneapolis to present on Building SaaS Applications

CFPAYMENT, the open source payment processing library for ColdFusion, is now hosted on GitHub for your forking pleasure

Here’s a guerilla debugging tactic based upon an old post of mine, Finding Memory Leaks in Coldfusion JVM, and some inspiration from Charlie Arehart. I’m in the process of migrating from ColdFusion 8 to 10 and am encountering some unexpected errors. This stack trace snippet should strike fear into the heart of any [...]

Make unit testing faster and more isolated by instructing Coldspring to only load the relevant beans for your test.

One approach to conditionally using mocks in unit tests for remote/REST API library development

CFPAYMENT, a ColdFusion payment processing library, goes gold with a 1.0 release!