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Jstat not working under Java 1.7 u75 or higher including Java 8? There’s a bug! Here’s how to work around it to get your JVM details.

Feed Oracle magic cookies so you can download the JDK to your server directly and bypass their license acknowledgement which doesn’t work from text mode browsers such as elinks, lynx and wget.

A couple of tweaks for QmailToaster install to update CHKUSER 2.0.9 and improve DSPAM integration

March was a busy month – we were upgrading and consolidating infrastructure around here which meant taking a 2U VA Linux 2230 server that had – quite literally – been serving mail for more than a decade, and upgrading it to a more contemporary machine for which spare parts exist. Knock on wood the [...]

Store only a subset of files on Amazon S3 using s3cmd and a little date logic. Lets us put the last 5 database backups (or something similar) in a safe place without saving every dump forever and costing us $$$.

I’m setting up a new server as recent posts and tweets have suggested. Just about everything was working with one exception: horribly slow startup times of 2-4 minutes on a dual quad-core Xeon machine with 16GB of RAM. Tailing the cfusion-event.log during startup, ColdFusion would hang either when starting the SQL manager pool [...]

Have a giant file you need to download from a crappy web server? Wget can put together the pieces on your behalf.

Make sure you get an appropriate alert when a drive goes dead in your HP/Compaq RAID array

In my post on synchronizing Transfer ORM with TransferSync, I used Apache ActiveMQ 5.1.0 which was not reliable for me. After about a week of uptime, one of the hosts would invariably lose its connection to the queue and TransferSync would start throwing errors. I thought I had solved it via a wireFormat [...]

I read a post by Jared Rypka-Hauer this morning on the Model-Glue list about his Apache-CF configuration that got me nodding in agreement. He sets up his Apache like so:

I leave CFIDE and WEB-INF in the default location and create a symbolic link to it in the webroot of any vhost that needs access [...]