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Transfer’s nifty cache causes real problems if you’re running a cluster as data changes without notifying other nodes. Over time, one server may report value A while another reports value B and the only way to correct this is to turn caching off. Boo! The solution is TransferSync, a recent project by [...]

The title is a long way of saying I have and I also have, plural, in case people mistype the name. If someone hits my site as, I want to automatically correct it to be to maintain my branding. This is pretty straightforward to fix with your <VirtualHost> and [...]

Postgres just released a 8.3.4 update a few days ago and when trying to update with a “yum update”, I got the following error:
–> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package postgresql-contrib
Interesting. Well is presumably used by the new-to-8.3 UUID datatype but I haven’t had this issue before. The [...]

I logged into our firewalls today to find the clock of our primary firewall was 45 minutes ahead and our backup firewall was 35 minutes behind. Embarrassing. It’s important to keep the clocks of all the machines in our cluster synchronized in case we ever need to investigate an intrusion or correlate activity [...]

I woke up at 3:50am this morning unable to sleep and by the time I got to work, I figured that was the worst thing that could happen today. Then I logged in to our CentOS kickstart machine to see how my “yum update” to CentOS 5.2 went last night and found all kinds [...]

When we rolled out our big Model-Glue/Coldspring/Transfer upgrade five months ago and ran into performance problems, we did some Craigslist shopping on a Sunday to buy some faster hardware that would hold us over until we could put a real fix in place. We have since acquired a couple of Compaq DL360G4s and I’ve [...]

That’s one exciting title. I found myself needing to migrate /var/log to a bigger drive as part of setting up a centralized syslog server. Normally, that’s not so hard but my requirements included:

Software RAID – mirroring drives for fault tolerance and no need for hardware RAID
Logical Volume Manager – LVM gives me additional [...]