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Using jQuery to selectively apply Hubspot or other Javascript tracking codes to users

jQuery TableSorter plugin finds new life thanks to Rob Garrison and brings an updated Grouping plugin to create collapsible groups of like items from HTML tables

Packt Publishing’s “jQuery Mobile First Look” arrives at a timely juncture

One line of jQuery makes a batch change user experience a little safer

Embed video in your Codex wiki with the excellent YouTube-like Flowplayer and this plugin!

I have been working with a contractor in India recently on a Javascript project using Ext. I wanted to outsource the front-end development since we have extensive APIs that would take an outside developer longer to get up to speed on. Due to PCI DSS and general security practices however, we can’t just [...]

Quick tip for anyone using ColdFusion’s serializeJSON routine for Javascript applications. The type conversion from CF to JSON is finicky and there are times when you need more finely grained control. Specifically using an Ext combobox, we ran into an issue where an <option> value of 0 was treated as false preventing selection [...]

I’m building a series of APIs that bypass Model-Glue for use by Javascript applications using jQuery and EXT. I wired the whole deal up using the super-cool Remote Proxy Beans. When it came time to request JSON back from the CFC using remote.cfc?returnFormat=json, there were four problems:

Extraneous whitespace being returned
Content-type was understood by [...]

Doing a little Javascript hacking today and have a few parsers to share for the TableSorter jQuery plugin. I’ve written some in the past but more is always merrier.
Sorting alphanumeric data in numeric order
I have member numbers which can look like ‘A23423423′ or ‘2000-342′ or ‘220342BMW’ but I want to sort them [...]

Dan Switzer has been up to more good with jQuery releasing a multi-column dropdown plugin developed for Giva that can handle an arbitrary number of elements from a series of nested unordered lists.
There are two things that I like about this plugin in particular:

Full support for keyboard input
Designed to handle a lot of data

I have [...]