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I needed to find where I was at in a table so I could report back the row and cell position for another function. There aren’t any easy-to-find answers from the Google so I set about doing my standard Javascript DOM exploration:
for (var ii in this)” ii = ” + ii);
I explore [...]

Christian and I collaborated the other day on a new feature for the excellent jQuery plugin, TableSorter. I can only take credit for the idea as Christian made the magic happen. This addition makes it now possible to sort any content, whether it be a form field, inside markup, etc.
The Situation
For simple data [...]

I’m a jQuery fan but not a jQuery expert so when Duane Moraes from Packt Publishing offered me copies of their new jQuery titles I was excited. I’m usually hesitant to invest in books for rapidly evolving technologies; I think it’s hard for the publisher to capture information and distribute it quickly enough to [...]

Way cool! The TableSorter 2.0 release I helped with has been included in the jQuery UI 1.0 release. I’m really looking forward to implementing this library in my application. Draggables, droppables, sortables and way more. Check it out.

Here’s how things should work: someone writes some open source code. You use it and like it. You see there is something that could be better. You help make it better. The cycle repeats. Everyone has better bits.
Enter TableSorter 2.0. After my previous post on TableSorter and my comments [...]

Thanks to Dan, I took a look at jQuery today. Although Alex Russell convinced me at a 106 Miles meeting some 18 months ago to use Dojo, I’ve grown tired of waiting for the API to stabilize and have been looking for something else that I could use to Get Things Done. What [...]