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CFPAYMENT, the open source payment processing library for ColdFusion, is now hosted on GitHub for your forking pleasure

Make unit testing faster and more isolated by instructing Coldspring to only load the relevant beans for your test.

CFPAYMENT, a ColdFusion payment processing library, goes gold with a 1.0 release!

Using the Batchbook REST API to create contact records from ColdFusion

New release of Bounce Detector – returned email detection software for ColdFusion

How to use my ColdFusion BounceDetector without Coldspring to parse bounced email for temporary, permanent, spam and challenge-response failures.

Ant script for deploying static web assets from subversion to Amazon S3 with minification, compression and concatenation for maximum performance.

Embed video in your Codex wiki with the excellent YouTube-like Flowplayer and this plugin!

Working with ColdFusion RequestTimeout – how to get the current timeout, modify it and track it to prevent throwing an error in long running requests like CFLOOP.

BounceDetector 1.1 Released. Analyze bounced email and determine severity and cause using extensive signature database.