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CFPAYMENT announces 0.9 beta release including production-tested, documented gateways for payment processing on Braintree, Skipjack, and iTransact. More gateways coming!

Programmatically process bounced email to determine the cause of the bounce and whether or not it’s fatal. Has hundreds of bounce signatures collected over the past four years ready for use.

The latest version of PowerNap, the ColdFusion-based REST API engine, has been released to RIAForge. 0.9 is now available with lots of new features that I helped develop.

I put together an Ant script today to generate builds for cfpayment and am posting the most current build for public review. We have gateways and working unit test coverage for Braintree, iTransact and Skipjack gateways. This should be everything needed to add your own gateway (and, ahem, contribute it back to the [...]

The title is a little ambiguous but I don’t know how else to describe the behavior that Java gives you where the following request:
or form with set of checkboxes:
<input type=”checkbox” name=”id” value=”1000″ /> 1000<br />
<input type=”checkbox” name=”id” value=”1001″ /> 1001<br />
<input type=”checkbox” name=”id” value=”1002″ /> 1002<br />
can be transformed using request.getParameterValues() into arrays because we [...]

There are many haters of Hungarian Notation. Prepare to pile on.
I’ve had this post in my drafts queue for a long time but this thread about escaping SQL reserved keywords on the Transfer group prompted me to finish my thoughts:
Most applications have a User table, if those users are organized then there may be [...]

We’ve been hard at work the last few weeks on making real, meaningful ground on CFPAYMENT, the open source ColdFusion payment processing library that generalizes many different gateways into a single, pluggable API. In the run-up to 1.0, I wanted to share some snippets to get you excited about using cfpayment for your next [...]

I have a need for an abstracted payment processing API and based on a thread on the CFGURU list, it’s obvious other people do too. A few weeks ago, I created a project called CFMERCHANT but found the name was taken so today it has been renamed to CFPAYMENT. You can see the [...]

Every morning the same thing in my inbox:
——————— IMAP Begin ————————
**Unmatched Entries**
Connection, ip=[::ffff:]: 45 Time(s)
Connection, ip=[::ffff:]: 8 Time(s)
DISCONNECTED, user=xxxxxxx, ip=[::ffff:], headers=0, body=0, rcvd=2675, sent=118, time=246, starttls=1: 1 Time(s)
DISCONNECTED, user=xxxxxxx, ip=[::ffff:], headers=0, body=35629, rcvd=415, sent=42860, time=310, starttls=1: 1 Time(s)

RSESSION is a database-backed session management system I built for ColdFusion 4.5 when there was no support for failover and serious issues with locking. It’s been six years since its last release. Last year, Jason Baker provided a CFC-based implementation which I have rolled into the package. I’m releasing this for completeness [...]