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I’m preparing to migrate my application to a framework like Model-Glue. Because I have 70 tables and a large API already, I’m afraid of the cutting and pasting required to migrate my code to a Bean/DAO/Gateway structure. Brian Rinaldi’s Illudium PU-36 Code Generator would solve my problem except it didn’t support Postgres 8.x [...]

I have a big report that I’m generating using CFDOCUMENT. It replicates a paper form by using a background image of the original form (in PNG format) and overlaying data from a database on top of it, absolutely positioned using CSS.
I have experienced a number of image scaling issues trying to use CSS background [...]

I released a version of CF_AveryRTF, the Avery label generating code for ColdFusion. This package can generate almost any Avery label in existence from any data you can supply it. It includes tag editors for ColdFusion Studio and is very easy to use out of the box. The exciting news is that [...]