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Using the SQL EXISTS feature to more rapidly determine subquery results. Works in most databases like PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle and so forth.

This picture from my 8th grade dance turned up on Facebook yesterday via a friend from grade school. I’m the short kid on the left. This is circa 1989 or so. I’m 90% sure that tie I’m wearing is a clip-on. You could barely make me wear pants instead of shorts [...]

Weird behavior I just uncovered:
<cffunction name=”onMissingMethod” output=”false” returntype=”any”>
<cfset var output = “” />

<cfinvoke component=”#getPayment()#”

In my post on synchronizing Transfer ORM with TransferSync, I used Apache ActiveMQ 5.1.0 which was not reliable for me. After about a week of uptime, one of the hosts would invariably lose its connection to the queue and TransferSync would start throwing errors. I thought I had solved it via a wireFormat [...]

Got to love marketing copy like this:
As you may know, we outgrew our name a long time ago. What used to be a site primarily for reconnecting with classmates has quickly grown into the internet’s most popular place to find anyone, anywhere — and it’s about to get even better as it becomes!
Oh [...]

People get an ego stroke by seeing their name in the credits of something. We all love it. Yet how many of us have contributed code to an open source project they didn’t start? I can’t tell you how many times I have considered contributing to a project I use only to [...]

I enjoyed this piece by Jochem on a test conversion of his company’s database from MS SQL to open source Postgres. Performance was similar, disk space was 75% less and licensing costs? Well… those would go to $0.

I’m setting up my first production implementation of CFPAYMENT and I’m managing it with ColdSpring (of coz). Here’s a neat little snippet of ColdSpring configuration that shows how easy it is to get started with the project:
<bean id=”PaymentService” class=”model.cfpayment.core”>
<constructor-arg name=”config”>
<entry key=”path”><value>braintree.braintree</value></entry>
<entry key=”MerchantAccount”><value>0</value></entry>
<entry key=”Username”><value>demo</value></entry>
<entry key=”Password”><value>password</value></entry>
<entry key=”TestMode”><value>true</value></entry>

Just found this today – Zeep Mobile. They have a RESTful API that looks pretty easy to use and there is no charge for SMS sending or receiving. They reserve the last 40 characters of a 440 character limit for a teaser ad (to which the user can reply and request more info).
Anyone [...]

If you’re interested in publishing or consuming RESTful APIs with ColdFusion, I’ve created a new CFREST Google Group for discussing the topic at Come join the discussion and get up to speed on RESTful API design and consumption!