Orange is my favorite color

I put together an Ant script today to generate builds for cfpayment and am posting the most current build for public review. We have gateways and working unit test coverage for Braintree, iTransact and Skipjack gateways. This should be everything needed to add your own gateway (and, ahem, contribute it back to the project).

I’ve already received a report of someone building their own gateway ( based on cfpayment so there’s nothing to stop you from doing the same for your project!

Also, we added in the ability to chain together set commands on the model objects to allow something like the following:


We’re aiming for an early January 1.0 after we each put our gateways into production for a few weeks to be sure we’ve ironed out any potential issues.

Download the latest and give it a shot. Questions? Feedback? Hit me up here…

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