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After waiting an eternity for the Lightning calendar project to release a 1.0, I gave up and upgraded to Thunderbird 3 and Lightning 0.9. I wish I would have earlier as both are big steps forward. I just discovered a neat trick in Thunderbird when replying to a message. By default, Thunderbird quotes the entire message and deposits your cursor either above or below the quoted text based upon your preference:

Standard reply quotes the entire email in Thunderbird

However, if you first select an arbitrary amount of text, your reply will only quote that text.

Selecting the text you want to quote before replying will limit the quoted text

If you’re like me and you carefully whittle down your email responses to only include the relevant text, this is a neat shortcut that requires just a quick drag of the mouse and your response is immediately ready for you to start typing.

Selected text is quoted eliminating manual editing and faster responses

Nice job Mozilla! Here is the documentation on their site which I found after I stumbled upon the feature.

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  1. John Sieber said:

    on November 8, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    Cool feature, thanks for passing it along!

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