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It wasn’t all that many years ago that I wasn’t even registered to vote. As a small business owner working long hours with lots of responsibility, the remote risk of being called to jury duty and being unable to manage my business kept me from participating in the political process.
When I sold my company, [...]

Huzzah! It is possible. I have CFMX7 running under CentOS-5 (RHEL-5) with SELinux enforcing. I imagine this will also work to correct CFMX8.
The Problems

The and provided by Adobe is broken in many ways. You can see my original post on recompiling the connector to support mod_deflate but it’s just [...]

I’m sure most Americans have seen a mobile home on the back of a semi trailer being towed to its new home. It’s not a common sight, but once every few years I see one on the freeway. In New Zealand, they do it with all types of houses. My relative near [...]

I just returned home from a meeting tonight. One of the things I love about riding a bike is the enhanced sense of smell. On my way to the meeting I could smell people smoking cigars, bread baking and diesel trucks. Since I wear ear plugs, my sense of smell is exaggerated. [...]

I saw this mailbox in front of Moscone center today advertising Dressed as R2D2 from Star Wars, there are apparently a lot of these mailboxes around the country. This was the first I had heard about it.
Although I think it’s cute, and if done extremely rarely, could be a successful buzz builder, [...]

This site has been eerily quiet since November when I took a working sabbatical. It wasn’t the kind of trip that gave me much time to post here while I focused on other priorities but I am back in the San Francisco bay area and looking forward to posting again. It’s nice to [...]

Looks like that one is going to leave a mark. Smoke from fires always appears closer than it really is, opposite of the side view mirrors on your car. This one looked like it was across the street and turned out to be 2 blocks away at 4th and Harrison.

Hey, random header images! If you consider one of two “random”. The BMW was my first racecar. The Miata is my current and second racecar which is for sale.

A couple of years ago, the town where I grew up opened a bridge designed by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava. Today it was mentioned on by one of their authors making a pacific northwest roadtrip.

My dad helped participated in the execution on the management side and I find it interesting the exposure that [...]

This link came across on a mailing list I read this morning. Seems like you can get just about any magazine out there for $5.95/year. From Maxim to Catholic Digest. I would read the fine print; at this rate they are probably selling your information to other advertisers.