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Since reading David Allen’s “Getting Things Done“, I’ve been occasionally browsing some of the life hack sites that give you tips and ideas for implementing GTD. fills my RSS reader up daily and I have saved about 50 of their posts for my own use. I had to post this one because [...]

The GuysThe “normal” picture before Bugna tried to grab some assThis weekend was our second Memorial day houseboating trip. 17 of us boarded two Monarch houseboats and a Ski Natique courtesy of Holiday Harbor to set sail on giant Lake Shasta for some cruisin’ and boozin’. 2005 was our first time houseboating [...]

I’m transitioning to a real content management system because I can’t take hand-editing things anymore. What is this, 1996?
Because I ridiculously believe that my old content is somehow valuable, I will be migrating it into wordpress here shortly as I get things together. With a ratio of 18 real minutes to 1 “Brian [...]

Crikey, someone actually reads this.
Last night was my high school reunion in beautiful Redding, California and a very long time friend of mine mentioned something she had read on my website. I actually asked her, “what website?”
Clearly this blog is not my top priority.
The high school reunion is worth talking about in its own [...]

I’ve just returned from a brutal weekend of little sleep, smoky casinos and pricey limo rides in Las Vegas celebrating an upcoming marriage in the form of a bachelor party. Even as I slow down, sweet, precious Red Bull keeps me awake until 5:30 in the morning.
This weekend was something of a personal celebration [...]

Is anyone else sick of the Google IPO hype? It’s been about 48 hours since Google filed their S-1 with the SEC and already Yahoo and Ask Jeeves have shed about 10-12% of their stock price. Can anyone tell me what’s changed? Did Google’s $1 billion in revenue double last night? [...]

I bought a motorcycle last Thursday. It’s a 1992 Ninja 500, pretty small, but still fast enough to be scary. I took the motorcycle safety program about a month and a half ago and found a bike reasonably priced on Craigslist for sale.
Traded some emails, negotiated, got a cashier’s check, paid, took delivery.
I’ve [...]

Has your father ever told you as a child to read the small print? Here is what Yahoo’s IM client forbids you from doing as part of their license agreement:

By way of the SIGIA-l this morning I came across a paper, An Information Architecture to Support the Visualization of Personal Histories that discusses visualizing personal histories for medical records or juvenile crime histories and the data model that supports such analysis. Very interesting reading as we start thinking about better electronic collection and [...]

I’ve been overcome lately with the proliferation of affordable gadgets that make GPS data readily available. I’ve begun thinking about what GPS might offer with such an accurate timestamp and global positioning: the ability to better capture experiences by using time as the unique identifier.
GeoExperience, as I’m currently thinking of it, is form of [...]