Orange is my favorite color

By way of the SIGIA-l this morning I came across a paper, An Information Architecture to Support the Visualization of Personal Histories that discusses visualizing personal histories for medical records or juvenile crime histories and the data model that supports such analysis. Very interesting reading as we start thinking about better electronic collection and collation of personal data and how to review and analyze it.

On a related note, I placed my order this morning for the GPSCube. It is a datalogging GPS device that measures 63 x 57 x 35mm and runs on a single 9V battery. It can record at pre-set intervals and only while moving, helping to conserve memory and battery power. It spits out NMEA compliant GPS data over an IrDa port. My first project will be to record some basic data, download it, and make sense of it. Once the logistics are worked out, importing it into a database and plotting it will be next.

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