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Winner winner chicken dinner! Say it again because I won both races at Thunderhill and moved into the championship lead!

Ballast plate design and mounting for Mazda Spec Miata (1999-2005) plus downloadable template

Another win and third place puts rounds five and six of the season championship in the bag

First pole position and victory in Round 3 of the San Francisco Region SCCA 2010 championship!

First race of the season with zero testing shows lots of promise for 2010

Team SafeRacer sponsors Brian Ghidinelli for the 2010 season

I am finally back in the garage after the holidays and making some progress on the #12 car. All the body panels and doors are off in preparation for paint. I am trying to cut some corners by not completely stripping the engine bay before painting to reduce what I have to reassemble. [...]

Heart rate monitor graph from road racing practice session at Laguna SCCA race. Shows why fitness in motorsport is so important.

CFPAYMENT announces 0.9 beta release including production-tested, documented gateways for payment processing on Braintree, Skipjack, and iTransact. More gateways coming!

Yesterday, a colleague and friend, Steve Walsh, died of a heart attack at his gym. He was 45. I know Steve through the BMW Car Club of America where we both volunteer to instruct high performance driving to anyone who wants to learn to be a better driver. In the last year, [...]