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How much are you actually sleeping at night? The WakeMate knows all!

Installing Apache ActiveMQ as a service on 64-bit Windows 7

First trip to Road America for the June Sprints ends a great week on a low note

The highs and lows of the National racing season. Good results on track, poor results off track.

March was a busy month – we were upgrading and consolidating infrastructure around here which meant taking a 2U VA Linux 2230 server that had – quite literally – been serving mail for more than a decade, and upgrading it to a more contemporary machine for which spare parts exist. Knock on wood the [...]

Zack Steinkamp’s HOWTO/DIY for building a cool suit system for driving a race car. Staying cool improves performance and Zack shows how to do it for $100.

Store only a subset of files on Amazon S3 using s3cmd and a little date logic. Lets us put the last 5 database backups (or something similar) in a safe place without saving every dump forever and costing us $$$.

Three useful regular expressions for cleaning up code

Fix memory leaks in ColdFusion applications by ensuring every cffunction tag has output=”false” with this RegExp

I’m setting up a new server as recent posts and tweets have suggested. Just about everything was working with one exception: horribly slow startup times of 2-4 minutes on a dual quad-core Xeon machine with 16GB of RAM. Tailing the cfusion-event.log during startup, ColdFusion would hang either when starting the SQL manager pool [...]