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Amazon Web Services makes ColdFusion load balancing possible with sticky session announcement.

Using the new pluggable caching architecture of Transfer ORM starting with EHCache

Adobe updated a hotfix originally released in October – will check your server to see if you’re up to date.

Use Google Analytics to track how many users have Javascript disabled using a little noscript kung-fu courtesy of Remy Sharp

Donation drive complete – Transfer is getting a new caching infrastructure thanks to members of the Google group!

How to use my ColdFusion BounceDetector without Coldspring to parse bounced email for temporary, permanent, spam and challenge-response failures.

Support professional ColdFusion open source by posting a full or partial matching donation to Transfer creator Mark Mandel for caching improvements.

Once you have static assets deployed to your CDN (using Ant!), how do you manage development, staging and production in your application?

Adobe ColdFusion 8.0.1 CHF3 is out and may have a big memory leak fix for CFC-intensive applications

My memory leak in screenshots from Eclipse Memory Analyzer Tool