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Embed video in your Codex wiki with the excellent YouTube-like Flowplayer and this plugin!

I missed the announcement but it’s true, Model-Glue 3 final has been released! Now maintained by Dan Wilson, this release finally codifies a nearly-eternal beta with many useful new features. Dan is at CFUnited this week and will be holding a BOF tomorrow, Wednesday Aug 12th for anyone who wants to get in [...]

Trouble analyzing large (> GB) heap dumps in Eclipse Memory Analysis Tool on Windows? This technique let me analyze a 2.3GB heap dump.

A SQL tip for inserting large numbers of database rows at a time. Improve performance by grouping inserts into fewer commits.

Working with ColdFusion RequestTimeout – how to get the current timeout, modify it and track it to prevent throwing an error in long running requests like CFLOOP.

Instrumenting and profiling your ColdFusion JVM to identify memory leaks and other performance problems

I’m giving a presentation tonight, Wednesday July 15th at 7:00pm Pacific time on migrating to a framework. There is a web broadcast via Adobe Connect that you can join in.

BounceDetector 1.1 Released. Analyze bounced email and determine severity and cause using extensive signature database.

Joseph Lamoree contributes a Paypal gateway to CFPAYMENT rounding out our support for popular payment processors.

How to point the configuration, views and layout of Codex wiki or other ColdBox applications at a different directory to simplify updates between versions