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What I took home from cf.objective() 2009 and the slides from my two presentations on PostgreSQL and migrating to a framework.

CFPAYMENT announces 0.9 beta release including production-tested, documented gateways for payment processing on Braintree, Skipjack, and iTransact. More gateways coming!

The Adobe keynote presentation at CF.Objective() revealed some upcoming highlights of ColdFusion 9 AKA “Centaur”

Model-Glue 3 “Gesture” beta is fully documented and released today ahead of cf.Objective() for your testing.

My two-node ColdFusion cluster over the past month has been running out of memory after 3-4 days and starting to hang as the JVM thrashes to free up memory. It was clearly a memory leak as the free RAM would drop into the sub-100MB range and then bounce about wildly. Nearly idle, a [...]

The ColdFusion community framework Model-Glue has been sitting quiet, but new project lead Dan Wilson is picking up the ball and moving it forward.

Comparing the performance of native CreateUUID() and Java 5’s java.util.UUID package.

Using CFC inheritance we can configure a third party library like TransferSync to separate our environment from updates in the underlying library. This eliminates continual patching of the library for our environment and simplifies updates from the author.

Programmatically process bounced email to determine the cause of the bounce and whether or not it’s fatal. Has hundreds of bounce signatures collected over the past four years ready for use.

The latest version of PowerNap, the ColdFusion-based REST API engine, has been released to RIAForge. 0.9 is now available with lots of new features that I helped develop.