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Cars Yeah interviewed Brian Ghidinelli on business, cars and lessons learned.

The sweet taste of SCCA Majors victory at Thunderhill Raceway

Brian Ghidinelli tries to navigate Road Atlanta without one important piece of racecar equipment

2013: maximum attack!

I’m a fancy pants published photographer. My home smells of rich mahogany now.

My recent interview on startups, travel and motorsports is live on

Racing at the inaugural Sonoma Sprints returns a threesome of podiums with champagne. Plus, video with three camera angles!

GoRacingTV video of the 2011 June Sprints features my car several times

In-car video at twilight driving a 400+HP BMW M3 at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill

Just a quick post of some helmet-cam footage taken by my friend with his ContourGPS last week at Infineon Raceway’s kart track on an open test day. We’re both running Stock Moto karts although my kart is lighter. I appear starting about 2:15 in wearing the blue suit with the red neck collar.

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