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CF Summit 2015

Thanks for attending my presentation in Las Vegas at the CF Summit 2015 on “Building Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications” (or being pointed here by someone who did)! If you enjoyed the talk and would like to work on a project like this at scale, we are hiring a developer/VP/CTO type position for our fully-remote team.

Download the slides and resources

Other things we talked about:

  • Books: SQL for Smarties (Celko), Data Model Resource Book vols 1-3 (Silverston)
  • External sessions: Redis, EhCache/Terracotta, Databases (rsession from 1999!)
  • g11n – Paul Hastings is the MAN in CF-land. Also see my g11n.cfc
  • Docker – containerization – start your whole app with `docker-compose up -d`
  • PostgreSQL – JSONB, HSTORE data types
  • cfpayment – coldfusion payment processing library
  • Payment Gateways that handle most of PCI DSS obligation for you: Stripe, Braintree
  • Logging: Sentry, BuglogHQ, don’t use email…
  • Queues for Asynchronous processing: ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, Redis, AWS SQS
  • Frameworks: Model-Glue, Coldspring, Transfer ORM

I’d love to stay in touch after the conference – please connect with me on @ghidinelli, or LinkedIn.