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I have written a few useful tools as open-source software over the years. The latest versions are always available here.


These days everything I share is on Github at This includes my REST consumer, and a number of API wrappers and helpers.


Similar to ActiveMerchant for Ruby, CFPAYMENT is a credit card gateway abstraction library that allows developers to easily switch between gateways with little to no code changes. Simpler API eliminates knowing details of individual gateways and lets programmers focus on higher level details like purchase(), refund(), authorize() and so forth. Housed on Github.

Older Software

Weather Service (2/09)

Abstracts access to the NOAA weather web services for ColdFusion developers to return the 5-10 day forecast for a given latitude/longitude. Returns arrays of temperatures, precipitation percentage and NOAA-provided icons for graphic representations. Housed at

Bounce Detector Library (2/09)

A simple component and robust library of bounce signatures, my Bounce Detector package allows web applications to programmatically determine why an email was returned. Was it temporary? Permanent? Due to a spam or virus firewall? Can also be used to automatically unsubscribe email addresses from mailing lists that bounce.

Logwatch Script for Courier-IMAP Server (9/07)

Frustrated by endless “UNMATCHED ENTRIES” in my nightly log monitor summaries, I hacked out an imapd script
that returns nicely formatted results. Not perfect, but 100% better than before. Get the script and conf files. Put them in /etc/log.d/scripts/services/ and /etc/log.d/conf/services respectively.

PostgreSQL Support for Illudium PU-36 Code Generator (8/07)

A datasource adapter for automatically generating Beans/DAOs/Gateways from a Postgres 8.x database (alpha)

Convert RGB to HSV values for ColdFusion

A small user defined function that takes RGB color space and returns a structure with the equivalent HSV color space.

XHTML/CSS-driven ezmlm-cgi.c

Used for displayed archived mailing lists with ezmlm, this file will compile to display XHTML 1.0 strict output making styling with CSS radically easier. Download it and compile it for your system. This has been integrated into the most recent builds of Ezmlm (2006) and is unnecessary if you’re running one of these releases.

cf_AveryRTF 1.2 (?/01)

Instructions on how to work around CFMX bug and tweak the tag for CF 4.5 if you’re still running an older version. Download the package now.

RSESSION 2.0 (8/07)

Session management for clusters that support failover with Macromedia Cold Fusion. Older code that is still applicable for sites that want more interaction and control over their session management. 2.0 adds a CFC-based implementation for ColdFusion MX servers. Get it here.