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Free Spanish Conjugated Verb Database

Consider reading the background to how this database was compiled.

Fred Jehle, formerly a professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, published approximately 600 verbs, fully conjugated in all moods and tenses, on his website in 1998. The resource helped students improve their verb use in addition to a variety of notes on other aspects of the language.

The roughly 600 verbs converted to 11,467 combinations of moods + tenses. Each verb is conjugated 18 ways:

Spanish Moods + Tenses English Moods + Tenses
Indicativo Presente
Indicativo Futuro
Indicativo Imperfecto
Indicativo Pretérito
Indicativo Condicional
Indicativo Presente perfecto
Indicativo Futuro perfecto
Indicativo Pluscuamperfecto
Indicativo Pretérito anterior
Indicativo Condicional perfecto
Subjuntivo Presente
Subjuntivo Imperfecto
Subjuntivo Futuro
Subjuntivo Presente perfecto
Subjuntivo Futuro perfecto
Subjuntivo Pluscuamperfecto
Imperativo Afirmativo Presente
Imperativo Negativo Presente
Indicative Present
Indicative Future
Indicative Imperfect
Indicative Preterite
Indicative Conditional
Indicative Present Perfect
Indicative Future Perfect
Indicative Past Perfect
Indicative Preterite (Archaic)
Indicative Conditional Perfect
Subjunctive Present
Subjunctive Imperfect
Subjunctive Future
Subjunctive Present Perfect
Subjunctive Future Perfect
Subjunctive Past Perfect
Imperative Affirmative Present
Imperative Negative Present

In coordination with Professor Jehle, this data is available via a Creative Commons license for anyone to use for non-commercial purposes so long as you provide attribution. If you alter, transform or build upon this work then you may distribute the resulting work only under the same license.

Two versions are available: a Unicode PostgreSQL 9.x database backup and a more familiar CSV file that can be opened in Excel. You can download them below:

My thanks go to Mr. Jehle for quickly answering my questions and allowing me to publish the data for other would-be Spanish students. I recommend that you also check out his website for additional Spanish content at

Update August 2012 – Tim from the UK asked about parsing the CSV in C++. He pointed to a library that may be helpful for others at

Update October 2015 – I’ve posted the files to Github where interested parties can submit changes and additions using pull requests.