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jQuery TableSorter plugin finds new life thanks to Rob Garrison and brings an updated Grouping plugin to create collapsible groups of like items from HTML tables

Make unit testing faster and more isolated by instructing Coldspring to only load the relevant beans for your test.

2013: maximum attack!

My recent interview on startups, travel and motorsports is live on

One approach to conditionally using mocks in unit tests for remote/REST API library development

Feed Oracle magic cookies so you can download the JDK to your server directly and bypass their license acknowledgement which doesn’t work from text mode browsers such as elinks, lynx and wget.

CFPAYMENT, a ColdFusion payment processing library, goes gold with a 1.0 release!

Date and time fields can cause chaos in the database but there are modern ways to model and control temporal data

A test of the exception types thrown by ColdFusion for all HTTP status codes

Applying ColdFusion server security updates automatically with Unofficial Updater 2