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I have been working with a contractor in India recently on a Javascript project using Ext. I wanted to outsource the front-end development since we have extensive APIs that would take an outside developer longer to get up to speed on. Due to PCI DSS and general security practices however, we can’t just [...]

I need to run a customer satisfaction survey for 2008 so I spent some time reviewing the available online survey options and comparing which would be most suitable for my needs. I am not a survey junkie so it doesn’t make sense for me to buy a premium service or subscribe on an ongoing [...]

Found something out yesterday that I thought was interesting and a little surprising. I have my main application, let’s call it “www”. I am creating a new codebase called “api” that will be a RESTful API for third-party consumers (more on that later). I want to have the two applications share the same [...]

Transfer’s nifty cache causes real problems if you’re running a cluster as data changes without notifying other nodes. Over time, one server may report value A while another reports value B and the only way to correct this is to turn caching off. Boo! The solution is TransferSync, a recent project by [...]

After seven months of heavy development and a rocky-but-now-stable launch behind me, I feel like I have some command over Model-Glue (instead of the other way around). I am certainly no expert but I want to share a few of the things that tripped me up when I was getting started and solutions that [...]

Based on advice from Sean Corfield, I set up my application as a series of three sub-applications. A public application, a staff application and a superuser application. This is a great way to divide and conquer an application separating controllers and configuration but there aren’t many concrete examples of how to go about [...]

My company has been in search of a 42u cabinet for our upgraded environment. After a couple of unplanned power outages that cycled our servers over the past few years, we decided to do due diligence and look around. We’re going from a 1/4 rack to a full, locking cabinet to support our [...]

Huzzah! It is possible. I have CFMX7 running under CentOS-5 (RHEL-5) with SELinux enforcing. I imagine this will also work to correct CFMX8.
The Problems

The and provided by Adobe is broken in many ways. You can see my original post on recompiling the connector to support mod_deflate but it’s just [...]

A comparison of Alpinestars and Sparco (karting) race suits for fit, finish and sizing

A top high-performance web site techniques is using gzip compression with mod_deflate on Apache to speed delivery of your site. Out of the box, ColdFusion 7, 8 and 9 do not work. Here’s a 1-line fix to correct it.