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In preparation for my trip, I did pretty extensive research on computer hardware to find what I was going to haul around with me to stay connected.

I couldn’t find this information elsewhere so I’m posting it for posterity. It’s a basic comparison of how the IBM X-series notebooks stack up against each other and why you might want one over the other (say, you need a Firewire slot):

X30 and X60 have firewire, X40 doesn’t.
X32 is a hybrid between an X30 and a T40; still lightweight but more horsepower
X60 is dual core, X60s is a low voltage duo core meaning it runs longer/cooler but slightly slower

X series are 3-3.5lbs, no optical drive though so no CDs; have to bring USB or something for backups and offline storage, recovery

Ports (excluding the ones they have in common):
X30: 1 compactFlash, 1 firewire, 2 USB 1.1
X32: 1 firewire, 2 USB 2.0
X40: SD card slot, 2 USB 2.0
X60/X60s: SD card slot, 3 USB 2.0

X30: 3.5lbs with ?
X32: 3.6lbs with 6-cell (~same dimensions as X40 but 0.4″ thicker)
X40: 2.7lb with 4-cell, 3.2lb with 8-cell
X60: 3.15lbs with 4-cell
X60s: 2.8lbs with 4-cell, 3.2lbs with 8-cell

X30: ~1.2Ghz PIII-M (not the same class as a P4-M/Centrino)
X40: ~1.5Ghz Centrino
X41: ~1.6Ghz Centrino (newer chipset, A/B/G wifi but not “ultra” low voltage; X40 runs longer)
X60: New duo core processor

Video: 1024×768 (XGA all)

X40: no bluetooth?

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