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CFPAYMENT, the open source payment processing library for ColdFusion, is now hosted on GitHub for your forking pleasure

Here’s a guerilla debugging tactic based upon an old post of mine, Finding Memory Leaks in Coldfusion JVM, and some inspiration from Charlie Arehart. I’m in the process of migrating from ColdFusion 8 to 10 and am encountering some unexpected errors. This stack trace snippet should strike fear into the heart of any [...]

Make unit testing faster and more isolated by instructing Coldspring to only load the relevant beans for your test.

One approach to conditionally using mocks in unit tests for remote/REST API library development

CFPAYMENT, a ColdFusion payment processing library, goes gold with a 1.0 release!

A test of the exception types thrown by ColdFusion for all HTTP status codes

Applying ColdFusion server security updates automatically with Unofficial Updater 2

Three useful regular expressions for cleaning up code

Fix memory leaks in ColdFusion applications by ensuring every cffunction tag has output=”false” with this RegExp

I’m setting up a new server as recent posts and tweets have suggested. Just about everything was working with one exception: horribly slow startup times of 2-4 minutes on a dual quad-core Xeon machine with 16GB of RAM. Tailing the cfusion-event.log during startup, ColdFusion would hang either when starting the SQL manager pool [...]