We’re half-way to New Zealand

Authored By Brian

Here’s what has happened since leaving Zihuatanejo, Mexico on Sunday morning:

  • Arrived at LAX
  • Found no commuter flights would put us in SFO before our flight back to LAX for our connection to Tokyo and eventually Auckland
  • Brainstormed genius idea of renting a car and hauling ass up I-5
  • Rented car and hauled ass up I-5
  • Arrived in San Mateo at 5:45am, washed face, picked up luggage, refilled rental car and back at SFO by 6:25am
  • Flew business class to LAX on Alaska
  • Got denied business class for our LAX-NRT flight via the pass-the-buck game. The desk lady at Northwest told us business class was full and as we were boarding I heard her say there were still seats available!
  • Sat on a plane for 13 hours. Watched bad dancing-related movies.
  • Landed in Narita Tuesday afternoon stinking like hell, went through immigration with Yung Joc and his homies, caught bus to Tokyo, showered and laid in the prone position for the first time since Saturday night.

It’s 4:30am Wednesday morning in Tokyo and here is the view outside our hotel. I’ll fill in the blanks from Mexico later.

3 Responses to “We’re half-way to New Zealand”

  1. Natalie Says:

    we owe you guys big time! so sorry to hear you had to drive back to sf, hope you’re more rested by now! thanks so much for making the journey to zihuatanejo…we loved having you there. miss you!

  2. Danny Says:

    Get some chicken karaage, shabu shabu, and crepes while you 2 are out there!!! And check out Shibuya and Ginza!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    No time for chicken karaage or shabu shabu. I don’t even know what that is. But we did make it to the fish market and the sushi was absolutely amazing!