Almuerzo Oficial

Authored By Brian

This is what I’ve been waiting for since we got here: taqueria showdown! Although they advertised four kinds of meats, they only had carne asada but the taste was great. I also liked the assemble-it-yourself approach to the onions, cilantro, salsa and fresh limes. Still, if this place was across the street from Taqueria Cancun, there isn’t yet a question on which side of 6th and Market I would eat.

PS – if you think you’ve got the hang of something like body boarding and your confidence is up, and you think to yourself, “I could handle some bigger waves, this really isn’t that hard”, you should take a 15 minute break. Because if you do not, the next wave you miss will pick you up and slam you against the ocean floor head first. As Jennifer asked, “Haven’t you seen Blue Crush? That’s how it happens!!!”

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