Now It’s My Turn

Authored By Jennifer

After several lengthy discussions, Brian has generously allowed me to share his blog. He seems to think he’ll have “editorial review” of everything I write. But we’ll see about that…

At any rate, we have just 4 days until we begin our trip and after the last few stress-filled weeks, I’m ready for a vacation. Our first set of goodbyes began with a a farewell party with our friends a few weeks back. There was pizza and beer and lots of well wishes. The next day I met up with my girls for a ladies tea party. It was an absolutely beautiful day in San Francisco and we had tea on top of Yerba Buena Gardens at Samovar Tea House. We took our time and caught up on all our girl talk. My good friend Tamara is a few months pregnant. She’s the first of my close girlfriends to have a baby, and she’s due in April. That means that by the time I get home, she’ll be a mom! Crazy.

The following week we had a BBQ at my parents house in Vacaville with both my family and Brian’s. While my parents have met a lot of Brian’s family, it was the first time our extended families met and really spent some quality time together. We had about 40 people attend and everyone seemed to have a great time. As a treat for me, my Godmother brought some pictures from my first communion that I hadn’t seen before. One of the pictures included the priest, Father Maio. It turns out that the same priest was good friends with Brian’s Nonni and Nonno. Small world!
As our families began leaving, it finally started to hit Brian and I that we were going to be gone for a long time.

After a treacherous moving day (never rent from U Haul by the way), we’re situated in the Bugnas guestroom in Burlingame. But between running errands during the day and catching up with friends and family at night, it’s still been crazy. Luckily we only have a few more days.

We also said goodbye to two of our favorite pets. My precious cat Bella (some of you know her as Satan) was spared and is now living in Maria’s barn in Dixon. Although I came to loath Bella at times, I didn’t have the heart to put her down. Maria came to the rescue. Thank you! And we said goodbye to our former roommate’s dog Kobe. Although he isn’t very well potty trained, he’s a very loving dog. He became very attached to me when I started taking him for walks about a month ago. According to Greg, he had a hard time with us leaving and left some “Kobe surprises” in our old room. Nice welcome gift for the new roomie.

2 Responses to “Now It’s My Turn”

  1. Connie Chapman Says:


    I wish you and Brian wonderful travel. I’ll look forward to your updates. I so enjoyed getting to know you during our time at Tante Marie’s. Have a great time,

  2. greg n kobe Says:

    Hola mi amigos!

    I can’t believe you snuck out without waking me up to say goodbye! Well, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve been taking Kobe for walks. I found a new Starbucks near 8th and Townsend, so we get up and head out in the mornings.

    Do you have a forwarding snail mail address? I’ve been getting some mail for the both of you.

    Hope you’re having an awesome time!

    ~ greg n kobster