Calling Cards

Authored By Brian

Like everyone else and their brothers, I ordered 100 cards for $20 by pulling images from Flickr. Except instead of just randomly picking some photos, I built a small image to be used as a contact card I could hand out while I’m travelling. The title is a little silly but I wanted to give something to people that I meet while we’re on our trip and these are small (half the size of a regular card) and feature some pictures from my previous travels.

The experience was really awesome from a user experience point of view. The integration is genius not to mention the free advertising they got as a result. Since it’s the only way to upload images, they even convinced me to open a Flickr account. Two things I noticed; first if you are iteratively uploading images to flickr to try on, they seem to cache your flickr results so you can’t immediately see new uploads. The second is the preview is not quite right. I started with their aspect ratio but the preview made it look like it wasn’t going to bleed to the edges so I enlarged it. When I received the cards, it was too big and you can see some of the words (all “Hello” in various languages where we’ll be visiting) were cut off on the edges. Not a big deal; still came out pretty cool!

Click the image for a bigger version. The photos are (in order top to bottom) from a Formula 1 race at Monza, the Pyramids in Cairo, Santorini in Greece and the Colosseum in Rome. One not pictured is a simple Green/White/Red interpretative swoosh of the Italian flag.

I thought email and skype were the best traveler contact info… especially since I won’t have a home address during this trip.

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