Feeling the pinch without that ring tone

Authored By Brian

What I thought was my phone being delivered actually did come today. It was a care box from Jennifer with a bunch of bathroom-related things that I had apparently lost forever on our trip from Santorini to Athens. There is aspirin, a nail kit, a little sewing kit, a couple bars of soap and even a first aid kit. Very thoughtful and good timing because actually I did get my bag back last night from Gabriela. The post office has had it for the last few weeks and she finally picked it up. So now I’m back in the saddle… shaver, cologne, sunblock, various drugs, AND a fresh supply of things I either didn’t have or needed again from Jennifer. I have good friends.

Unfortunately, I’m still phone-less. I’m also growing concerned over the shipment (finally!) of my repaired GPSCube which is “Delayed in Customs”. Vamos a ver.

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