Paris Charles de Galle

Authored By Brian

This airport sucks.

Who designs an airport with such few wayfinding aids? It’s more like a citadel than an airport! With only one boarding pass checkpoint into the upstairs departure level, the airport funnels out but works hard to prevent entry. On the plus side, our luggage was 12kg over our allowance which was about to cost us 186€ before the helpful Hellas desk guy got it waived for us. I’ve skated by now on EasyJet and Hellas, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the entry into Egypt.

Our ride this morning was a little minivan driven by a small Asian guy at about Mach 3. He wore a suit but the cuffs of his shirt were a bit tattered and worn. We hit 160km/hr on the highway here in mostly 100km/hr zones. When you’re on a fixed price (although not a budget price at 55€), following the law doesn’t pay for another suit.

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