Recompensa ($$$) para mi mochillo robado

Authored By Brian

Si usted tiene mi mochillo del autobus con mi computadora y pasaporte, pagaria mucho dinero sin preguntas para devolverlo. Mandeme un email a brian at

If you stole my laptop two hours ago on the San Jose – Fortuna bus and have my passport and computer, I will pay you a reward with no questions asked. There are photos and sentimental things that I want back; you can keep the cash.

Yes… I let my guard down for a moment on a horrendous 8-hour bus trip (that should have been 4) and someone knicked my bag with my passport, computer and important papers. The papers and passport have no value except sentimental but I will gladly pay to have them back. My wallet was also inside with my card which contains this web address so I´m hoping someone will come sniff this out. :(

One Response to “Recompensa ($$$) para mi mochillo robado”

  1. Dan Nazzareta Says:

    Damn…good luck my brother!