Sick and Tired of Panama

Authored By Jennifer

We literally are sick, and are tired of seeing just our hotel room in Panama. We´ve been here 5 days now and have yet to see anything in Panama. Just after we left Cuzo and arrived in Arequipa, I got sick. Horrible stomach cramps, nasty diarrhea and generally feeling like crap. Then we had to fly to Lima to catch our plane to Panama, and the pain continued. Brian ran our last minutes errands while I laid in bed.

Brian became ill the next day. So at 4 am, as we were preparing to go to the airport, I was puking in the bathroom and Brian was plugging his ears so the sound wouldn´t make him puke. We had to take two flights to get to Panama, and while I was slowly feeling a little better, Brian was getting worse and worse. He was so cold on the plane he was shaking, and a tiny spittle of puke ran down the side of his mouth when he says he was passed out. It was really gross.

We finally made it to the hotel in Panama and here we´ve been for the last 4 days. One day Brian felt a bit better and we made it out to check on tour options, but the next day he was sick again. Finally, we think he´s made it out of the darkness and we´ve booked a trip to Bocas del Toro in the northeast of the country. He better not wake up sick tomorrow.

Neither of us can believe that after 6 months of traveling, the sickness finally got us. And we considered just going home so that our mom´s could take care of us. But we have Costa Rica ahead of us and we´ve both really been looking forward to going there. So pray for good health for us both and we´ll reward you with grand stories of jungle tours, zip lines, volcanos, white water rafting, surfing and three-toed sloths… Hopefully.

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